Frankly, it’s a silly question if you consider yourself a hustler, but for those that may not realize that they are; we hustle because it is the only controllable key to success.  To be clear, hustling isn’t swindling, robbing or cheating.  Hustling is the act of producing income through effort, ingenuity, strategy and belief.  Moreover, h.u.s.t.l.e. is a “backronym” that stands for everything you’ll ever need to know about making money work for you.

protect your family, yourself and your wealth by investing early, often and wisely. 

pay yourself; not interest to others.

multiply and stream your income to outpace your spending.

protect your family and your wealth through insurance and trusts. 

educate yourself.  Understand that it's not yours because you can't own money. 

this is what you own. It's gained by placing money into assets instead of liabilities. 

what is hustlewealth?

Simply put, HustleWealth is simply a step towards economic empowerment for those ignored, overlooked, and underserved by the mainstream financial machine.  

Technically stated, HustleWealth Investment & Asset Management, LLC (“HWIAM” or “The Firm”) is an “internet investment advisor” as that term is defined by the SEC. Started in 2017, HWIAM is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hustle Financial, LLC (“HF”), and is organized as a Virginia limited liability company. The Firm is led by Hosh Weekes, who has over 10 years of financial consulting experience.

HWIAM is an “internet investment advisor” in that the Firm interacts with its clients exclusively from its interactive website, which, based upon personal data entered by users, provides the appropriate investment platform through which the user can allocate funds towards either the recommended portfolio or a portfolio of his or her choosing.

All recommendations through our investment advisory services are tailored to the individual needs of the individual client. Currently, we recommend portfolios with respect to limited asset classes and investments in exchange-traded funds (“ETFs”) from Goldman Sachs, Vanguard and Betterment, and we also allow self-directed investments for businesses, investment clubs and clients with their own investment strategy through our broker-dealers, Betterment and MoneyBlock, respectively. 

what are ETFs?

ETF stands for Exchange Traded Fund, and they are funds that are traded on stock exchanges, much like stocks and bonds. The funds can hold a variety of investments, including stocks, bonds and commodities. ETFs offer a variety of benefits, like low management fees and diversification; and are traded during the day, unlike mutual funds (which are typically priced once at the end of the trading day).  For these reasons, we see ETFs as a very effective way to invest in the stock market for beginners and experienced investors alike.

why should I invest?

For those that are new to investing, you should understand the importance of compound interest and the time value of money. These 2 concepts basically demonstrate how your money grows faster through multiplication (as in compounding your investment interest) as opposed to addition (as in adding to a bank savings account, or that shoebox under your bed); and how inflation has the goal of decreasing your purchasing power over time (as shown in your parents stories of penny candy and $1 milk gallons).

This means that it’s important to use some money for future growth, instead of using it all on current consumption; and that’s the goal of investing: the creation of future growth. This is the first step in the establishment of a legacy of generational wealth for you and you family. Learn more about money, legacy creation and generational wealth at through our founder’s website

our founder

Hosh Weekes is the CEO of hustle financial, llc, a financial services firm headquartered in Newport News, Virginia; and the parent company of hustlewealth, llc. Prior to starting hustle in 2017, Hosh has worked professionally as a business strategist and consultant, a financial advisor, and as a bank officer for private corporations and Fortune 500 companies. He has helped people invest millions of dollars inthe stock market, and has authored a small business start-up book, Hardcore Hustlin’. Hosh is a graduate of Christopher Newport University, the parent of 5 amazing people with his life and business partner, Terrie Francis.

legal stuff

Please take the time to read and review the following documents, which further explain our role in helping you grow your wealth